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Cast Ritesh Talwar as Tetra, Utpal Dutt, Anil Chatterjee, Nana Pateker
Director Tapan Sinha
Producer CFSI & R. A. Jalan 
Run Time 150 minutes (Hindi)
80 minutes (English)
Color Color
Year of Release 1988

Awards & Nominations
Aaj Ka Robinhood has participated in most of the International Film Festivals like those held at Berlin, Moscow, Adelaide, Tashkent, Giffoni, Cairo, Oulu, Frankfurt, Leon, Tehran, Sofia, Belgrade, Estoril Coast (Portugal) etc. apart from getting a “SPECIAL MENTION” by UNICEF JURY in the Berlin film festival. This is the first children’s film, which was selected for the Indian Panorama.


Ram Yadav Singh used to live like a lord of medieval times in a Bihar village with his two younger and married brothers, Ramdas Singh and Ram Dulare. He used to give loans to poor villagers on high interest against false documents and earn huge amounts.

He started a school to impart education to the children of their family. Jatin Babu was appointed a teacher. Tetra, a ten year old boy son of a poor villager was engaged to pull the Pankha (Fan) in the school. Tetra was a gifted boy with a photographic memory. Such a boy was one in a million - whatever subject the teacher taught in school, Tetra could grasp and commit to memory. Jatin Babu was happy to find him with such incredible memory and though that the boy had a very bright future.

Jatin Babu went to Tetra's hut every night and taught him in the hope that Tetra would have a bright future. Ram Yadav Singh had a soft corner for Tetra and so he did not prevent Jatin Babu in the work of teaching Tetra. Jatin Babu used to narrate stories to the Children. The story of the brave deeds of Robinhood greatly influences the young minds - how he used to rob the rich to help the poor by distributing the loot. Tetra used to imagine himself as Robinhood in the back drop of how Ram Yadav Singh fleeced the poor by fraudulent means, by manipulating the loan amounts and recovering such false amounts from the poor villagers.

Ram Yadav Singh was preparing to stand for election but the villagers boycott the elections. On the day of elections, Tetra and Ramesh, son of Ramdas Singh, brother of Ram Yadav Singh make the munimji unconscious by administering sleeping pills and take away all the false documents and pass these over to the villagers. On knowing their game, Ram Yadav Singh became very furious and expelled Jatin Babu and thus depriving Tetra from learning from Jatin Babu. Tetra leaves the house in search of his bright future and vanishes in the blue horizon, leaving Jatin Babu waiting and biding time for arrival of the great day when Tetra became great !